August 29, 2010

Löfgren, 2014. Recommendation of rock matrix effective diffusivities for SR-PSU
Based on formation factor logging
in situ by electrical methods in
KFR102B and KFR105. SKB

A report giving recommeded matrix diffusivities for the SKB safety assessment SR-PSU for the SFR facility for radioactive waste in Forsmark.

During the comming year Niressa will focus on its clients for the disposal of nuclear waste.

Niressa has relocated to Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Niressa is involved in international research program.
Martin Löfgren is the Principal Investigator of the SKB Task Force on Modelling of Groundwater Flow and Transport of Solutes. The task is called Task 9 - Increasing the realism in solute transport modelling - modelling of the field experiments REPRO and LTDE-SD.

Review of part of Posiva's application for a Finnish final disposal for spent nuclear fuel.
In the spring of 2013, Niressa will review part of the documentation that Posiva Oy will submit to the Finnish authorities concerning an application for a final disposal for spent nuclear fuel at the Olkiluoto site.


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