A few of Niressa's ongoing projects

Principal investigator of Task 9

Martin Löfgren at Niressa has been appointed the Principal Investigator of Task 9 of the SKB Task Force on Modelling of Groundwater Flow and Transport of Solutes. The task is called:

Increasing the realism in solute transport modelling - modelling of the field experiments REPRO and LTDE-SD.

Task 9 will be an international research cooperation featuring some of the major nuclear waste management organisations, such as SKB from Sweden and Posiva from Finland. There is also interest from organisations in Germany, USA, Japan, Korea, UK, and Chech Republic. Next Task Force workshop is held in Helsinki, Finland, on the 22nd-23rd of April, 2015.

Water quality control program and water sampling

Niressa is, in cooperation with Citres AB, helping a number of municipal waste sites and landfills with their water quality control program for groundwater and surface water in nearby water courses; controlling that they are not affected by leachate from the landfill or other waste management activities.

Inventory of old landfills south of Mälaren

Niressa is, in cooperation with Citres AB, making an inventory of old and sometimes abandoned landfills in the north-western part of Södemanland County. This will lead to a report with recommended handling and a preliminary cost estimate for such handling.

SR-PSU - Safety assessment for operational waste and decommissioning waste.

SKB has recently handed in a safety assessment concerning Swedish low and intermediate level waste, also called operational waste, stored at the SKB facility SRF. It also concerns the extended SRF, that will accommodate decommissioning waste from, for example, the nuclear power plant Barsebäck.

Niressa has been part of this project mainly related to issues of safety assessment methodology and geosphere processes. This concerns the Main report (AFM, scenarios, and safety functions), the Geosphere process report, and the Input data report.

SR-Site and complementary work - Safety assessment for Swedish spent nuclear fuel

and further handling and investigations

Martin Löfgren is currently part of the project team that has produced the safety assessment SR-Site and is handling questions from the regulatory authorities concerning the handed in license application for a final geological disposal of high level waste fuel, that is spent nuclear fuel.

The main task of Niressa has been at administrating and editing the SR-Site Data report (SKB TR-10-52), which gives the data identified as essential for assessing the long-term safety of a KBS-3 repository. In addition, the process of qualifying the data for use in subsequent modelling is detailed. The report forms a part of the documentation of the safety assessment SR-Site, which supports the license application for a final repository for spent nuclear fuel in Forsmark, Sweden. This report is presently being reviewed by the regulatory authorities.

Martin is also one of the experts on solute and radionuclide transport in the geosphere, with matrix diffusion as one of the concerned topics. Recently complementary information has been sent to the regulatory authorities on such issues.

The illustration of the repositories are found at SKB's website

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