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Niressa AB is a Swedish company providing environmental and energy related consultant services. The company has great experience and expertise in nuclear waste managements, specialising in long-term safety assessments, as well as in site investigations and site descriptions of the host rock for underground repositories. The company also specialises in contaminant transport in geological media, also where the contamination originates in landfills and waste management sites of municipal and industrial waste.

Niressa AB
Östra Fyrby Tomtstugan 1
640 40 Stora Sundby
Sweden 556801-7676
VAT. SE556801767601



Dr. Martin Löfgren


Martin has a Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering with focus on contaminant transport processes in geologic media. He has over ten years of experience from working within the field of nuclear waste management and with final storage in geological repositories. He also works within the field of water contamination and municipal waste disposal.

Administrativ staff/Member of the board

MSc. Ulrika Helde


Ulrika handles issues of administration, marketing, quality assurance, and are involved in water contamination and municipal waste disposal projects.

Chairman of the board

MBA. Ragnar Löfgren


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